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Excel at managing economic risk

Excel at managing economic risk

Excel at managing economic risk

Access the most comprehensive global macro survey of professional forecasters available, with a spread of projections from Y to Y+4 for over 130 countries, and enhance your risk management processes.

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Comprehensive EM coverage

Comprehensive EM coverage

Comprehensive coverage of Emerging & Frontier Markets, with 5-year projections and monthly updates for all markets across a wide range of variables

A spread of individual forecaster predictions from Y to Y+4, providing the widest range of economic scenarios

Data quality guarantee

Data Quality Guarantee

Forecasts extensively validated and harmonized to ensure reliability and cross-comparability

A wide range of historical data verified for accuracy

Easy data access

Easy Data Access

API access

Easy data export via

Data visualization via a range of easy-to-use

Economic forecasts from the World's Leading Economists

FocusEconomics is a leading provider of consensus forecasts for 132 countries and 34 key commodities. Since 1999, we have been supporting the world's leading companies and organizations with timely and reliable multi-source economic intelligence.