Economic Forecasts from the World's Leading Economists


 At FocusEconomics, we provide reliable country level data to help you navigate economic risks, identify opportunities and make better decisions. 


Save Time

Don't waste time finding and checking information for your markets. We check and harmonize data and forecasts so you have a reliable and up-to-date view of each market.

Avoid Bias & Reduce Risk

Our consensus method means you won't risk using an outlier forecast, and gives you a spread of credible forecasts for better risk and scenario analysis.

Increase Reliability of Forecasts

The FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast averages the views of leading forecasters. By combining their predictions, we produce a more reliable number.

Country Overview Dashboard

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Available data for this demo:

Country: China, Argentina, U.S.
Indicators: Inflation, GDP, Exports and more
Period: 2013-2023

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Country Reports

Our monthly country reports provide you with unbiased executive-style commentary on key developments, based on the FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast - the mean average of all our contributing analysts. All key data is summarized into an accessible and jargon-free format to save you time.


Data Access

We provide access to a large database of economic indicators, as well as to additional datasets. Our rigorous data verification process ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability, meaning you spend less time gathering and checking data across various different sources. 


Why people work with us:


Consumer Insights Director, Tetra Pak

“FocusEconomics works with different panelists, which provides much greater accuracy than working with only one”

Deputy Division Chief,
Regional Studies Division, Africa Dept.,IMF

”[The report] creates a visual impression that Africa is interest-worthy more than an uneducated reader would suspect. You are doing a great service for the continent presenting information in an attractive and comprehensive way. I think it’s good that you are a neutral observer and reporting third party sources. You don’t have skin in the game”


Strategic Planning Manager, Coca Cola

”I recommend FocusEconomics’ reports because they have all the relevant economic information needed for business decisions, with a sound, short and focused analysis for each country.”

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